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In fiber optics, polarization-maintaining optical fiber (PMF or PM fiber) is a single-mode optical fiber in which linearly polarized light, if properly launched into the fiber, maintains a linear polarization during propagation, exiting the fiber in a specific linear polarization state; there is little or no cross-coupling of optical power between the two polarization modes.

KINSOM supply all kinds of PM (Polarization Maintaining) components including isolator, circulator, combiner, coupler, faraday rotator, fiber mirrow, WDM, patch cable and so on. Wavelength ranging from 980nm to 1550nm, C band and L band and on request. Wide bandwidth, high return loss, high extinction ratio, high isolation with low insertion loss over a wide wavelength range and excellent environmental stability and reliability. Widely used in Polarization Maintaining Fiber Amplifiers, Fiber Lasers, high speed communication systems and instrumentation applications.

PM Components Catalog (PDF)

PM Components Series

Polarization Maintaining Collimator

  • PM Fiber Collimator 1064nm
  • PM Fiber Collimator 1310nm 1550nm

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Mirror

  • PM Optic Fiber Mirror 1064nm
  • PM Optic Fiber Mirror 1310nm~1550nm

PM Fiber Optic Patch Cable

  • PM Fiber Patch Cord 980nm~1550nm

PM Faraday Rotator

  • In-line Faraday Rotator 1310nm~1550nm

Faraday Mirror

  • PM Faraday Mirror 1064nm
  • PM Faraday Mirror 1310nm~1550nm


  • In-line Polarizer 1064nm
  • In-line Polarizer 1310nm~1550nm

Filter Coupler

  • PM Filter Coupler 1064nm 1*2port
  • PM Filter Coupler 1064nm 2*2port
  • PM Filter Coupler 1310nm~1550 1*2 2*2
  • PM Filter Coupler Module 1064nm 1*4 1*8
  • PM Filter Coupler Module 1*4 1*8


  • Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1064nm 1*2
  • Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1310nm~1550nm 1*2
  • PBCS 1064nm 2×2
  • PBCS 1310nm~1550nm 2×2


  • PM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer 100GHz 200GHz

PM Isolator

PM Optical Circulator

  • PM Optical Circulator 1064nm 1*2
  • PM Optical Circulator 1310nm~1550nm 1*2
  • PM Optical Circulator 1064nm 2*2
  • PM Optical Circulator 1310nm~1550nm 2*2


  • PM Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexers 1550nm Pass / 980nm Reflect
  • PM Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexers 980nm Pass / 1064nm Reflect
  • PM Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer (1310nm/1550nm, 1480nm/1550nm, 1510nm/1550nm)

Hybrid Component

  • PBC/S+Isolator: Isolator Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1064nm
  • PBC/S+Isolator: Isolator Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter 1310nm~1550nm
  • Tap+Isolator: 1310nm-1590nm PM TAP Isolator
  • WDM+Isolator: PM Isolator WDM Hybrid 1530nm~1565nm
  • Tap+Isolator+WDM: PM TAP Isolator WDM 1530nm~1565nm

Mini Component

  • Tap+Isolator: Mini PM Tap Isolator 1550nm
  • Filter Coupler: Mini PM Filter Coupler 1310nm/1550nm
  • Faraday Rotator: Mini In-line Faraday Rotator 1310nm/1550nm
  • Faraday Mirror: Mini PM Faraday Mirror 1310nm-1550nm
  • Polarizer: Mini In-line Polarizer 1310nm/1550nm
  • WDM+Isolator: Mini PM Isolator WDM Hybrid 1550nm/980nm; 1550nm/1480nm



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