MPO MTP Patch Cable

MPO/MTP Patch Cable

MPO/MTP Multi fiber optic patch cord are ideally suited for high density fiber optic interconnection environment which requires space saving and innovative cable management solutions. MPO/MTP connectors have realized multiple fiber connections within a convertional cable, this advantage allows data center designers to deploy ten or twenty times of fiber counts in same storage space.

With our highly integrated design and manufacturing capability, KINSOM can manufacturing and offers 8/12/24/48 fiber MPO/MTP trunk patch cords and Fanout patch cords with various cable jacket types, colors, lengths for different system requirements and applications.

We also offer various other MPO/MTP products such as MPO/MTP CassettesLoopbacks and Patch Panels. These products provide a secure protection for MPO/MTP and LC or SC connections.

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