High Power Optical Isolator

High Power Optical Components

KINSOM’s High Power Optical Components wavelength from 780nm to 1550nm, handling power from 300mW to 50W or other on request. Low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, high extinction ratio and excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is ideal for High Power Fiber Amplifier, Fiber Laser, and Instrumentation applications.

High Power Optical Components Catalog (PDF)

Hight Power Optical Component Series

In Line Polarizer

  • In-line Polarizer 1310nm~1550nm 3W

Isolator Core

  • Free Space Isolator 1064nm 1W~20W
  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator Core 1310nm-1550nm 10W

Polarization Insensitive Isolator

  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator 850nm 500mW
  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator 980nm 1W
  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator 1064nm 500mW
  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator 1064nm 1W~20W
  • Polarization Insensitive Isolator 1310nm~1550nm 1W~10W

Polarization Maintaining Isolator

  • Polarization Maintaining Isolator 850nm 500mW
  • Polarization Maintaining Isolator 980nm 1W
  • Polarization Maintaining Isolator 1064nm 500mW
  • Polarization Maintaining Isolator 1064nm 1W~20W
  • Polarization Maintaining Isolator 1310nm~1550nm 1W~10W

Broadband Version Isolator

  • Broadband Isolator 1064+/-50nm 1W~20W
  • Broadband PM Isolator 1064+/-50nm 1W~20W

Collimated Beam Output Isolator

  • PM Collimated Beam Output Isolator 1064nm 5-20W, Beam dia.0.5-10mm
  • Collimated Beam Output Isolator 1064nm 5W~20W, Beam dia.0.5-10mm

High Power Circulator

  • Single Mode Three Port Circulator, 0.5mW-10W

High Power Optical Collimator

  • PM Fiber Collimator 1064nm 1W~20W
  • Collimator 1064nm 1W~20W
  • Collimator 1550nm 1W~20W



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