Fiber Optic 1310 1490 1550nm Filter WDM

Filter-based WDM

Filter-based WDM product is based on Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology. The Filter Based WDM is extensively used in EDFA, Raman amplifiers, WDM networks and fiber optics instrumentation. The device combines or separates light at different wavelengths in a wide wavelength range. They offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, high isolation and excellent environmental stability.

KINSOM’ Filter-based WDM product family covers following wavelength windows commonly used in optical fiber systems: 1310/1550nm (for WDM or DWDM optical communications), 1480/1550nm (for high-power DWDM optical amplifier/EDFA), 850/1310nm and 980/1550nm (for high performance DWDM optical amplifier/EDFA) and 1310/1490/1550nm (for PON/FTTX/test instrument).

Compared with fused fiber WDM couplers, filter-based WDM components have much wider operating bandwidth, lower insertion loss, higher power handling, high isolation, etc.

FWDM Catalog (PDF)


  • Good uniformity and low insertion loss
  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss
  • Wide Operating Wavelengh Range
  • High Stable and Reliable
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -40 – 85°C
  • High reliability and stability, Telecordia GR-1221/1209 compliant


  • Bi-Directional WDM
  • Metro Network
  • CATV
  • FTTX


Depending on the operating range, the Filter WDMs have different packing types as below:

Items Operating Wavelengths Bandwidth Insertion Loss Isolation PDL Directivity Spec
980/1060nm FWDM 980nm / 1035nm ±5 nm ≤0.4dB ≥12 dB ≤0.1 dB ≥50 dB
980/1550nm FWDM 980nm / 1060nm ±5 nm ≤0.3dB ≥15 dB ≤0.1 dB ≥55 dB
1310/1550nm FWDM 980nm / 1310nm ±15 nm ≤0.3dB ≥17 dB ≤0.1 dB ≥55 dB
High Isolation 1310/1550nm FWDM 980nm / 1550nm ±15 nm ≤0.2dB ≥20 dB ≤0.1 dB ≥55 dB
1310/1490/1550nm FWDM 1064nm / 1310nm ±15 nm ≤0.3dB ≥17 dB ≤0.1 dB ≥55 dB



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