Fiber Optic Isolator

KINSOM’ Fiber Optic Isolator is a passive optical component that allows light to transmit in a certain direction while block light in the opposite direction. The working principle is based on the non-reciprocity of Faraday rotation. The light sources from back reflections and signals, which can cause instabilities and damage, can be well isolated by optical isolator through utilizing the Faraday effect of magneto-optical crystal. It features low insertion loss, high return loss, high isolation, high stability and high reliability.

KINSOM’ optical isolator includes Polarization Insensitive Optical Isolator and Polarization Maintaining Optical Isolator. They have been widely used in fiber optical amplifiers, CATV fiber optical links, fiber optical system testing, pump laser source, fiber optical sensor and telecommunications.


  • Optical Isolator Catalog (PDF)



Polarization Insensitive Optical Isolator


Polarization Maintainning Optical Isolator


L-Band Polarization Insensitive Optical Isolator


Free Space Optical Isolator