SC Male - Female Attunator

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Sometimes in the fiber optic network ,people may need to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device, fiber optic attenuators are used in such cases, they are able to control the output of the fiber light power level.Fiber optic attenuator are used for reducing the power of the light in the fiber optic network. we supply two types fiber optic attenuators, fixed value fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can reduce the power of fiber light at a fixed value loss, for example, 2dB. While adjustable fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can generate a adjustable Loss to the fiber optic link. our fiber attenuator series include: SC ,FC, LC, ST, MU, SC/APC ,FC/APC,single mode fiber optic attenuator and multimode fiber optic attenuator available.Our fiber optic attenuators are manufactured according to international standard and are compartible with the fiber optic products currently available in the international market.

Fiber optic attenuators can be designed to use with various kinds of fiber optic connectors. the attenuators can be female to female which is called bulkhead fiber optic attenuator or male to female which is also called a plug fiber optic attenuator. bulkhead and plug types are designed without cables, another type inline fiber optic attenuator is designed with a piece of fiber optic cable.

Fiber Optic Attunator Catalog (PDF)


  • Compact and rugged adaptor style attenuators
  • Low return loss
  • High mode stability
  • Variety of connector styles


  • DWDM applications
  • Test & Measurement
  • Optical Sensors
  • Telecommunications applications


Depending on the operating range, the Fiber Optic Atteunator have different connector types as below:

fiber optic SC male to female attenuator

SC Fixed Atteunator

fiber optic LC male to female attenuator

LC Fixed Atteunator

fiber optic st male to female attenuator

ST Fixed Atteunator

fiber optic fc male to female attenuator

FC Fixed Atteunator

Fiber Optical Variable Attunator

Variable Atteunator

Optical In-line Attunator

Inline Atteunator



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