Data Center

Data centers are facilities that store and distribute the data on the Internet. It is the focus of exponential increases in computing power and storage, and the source of the flood of streamed media and content.

With the popularity of HD video, mobile devices, people’s demands on the network are becoming higher and higher, KINSOM provides a range of Fiber optic products to help customers build high-speed data centers.

We understand that your needs might differ from other companies, you can custom these fiber optic products in KINSOM.

    Our data center products include:

  • Fiber Optic Passtive Components (Patch cord, pigtail, adaptor, attanuater, etc.)
  • Fiber Optic Active Components (SFP module, QSFP module, etc.)
  • Cable Managerment (Patch panel, optical distribution frame, splice tray, etc.)
  • Clean Tools