Welcome to KINSOM Xcelerate Program

The KINSOM Xcelerate Program is designed for all partners looking to grow their business in the fast moving and profitable VoIP market. KINSOM offers affordable, high quality optical transceivers with outstanding margins.

As the TOP manufacturer and solid brand in fiber optic field, KINSOM is currently building a strongly network of distributors around the world, based on a long-term partner relationship. The KINSOM Distributor Program is designed for companies involving optical transceiver products and solutions that incorporate our product lines. We work hand-in-hand with these knowledgeable professionals to help you meet your business needs. KINSOM distributors have the advantages of being able to sell their customers the incredible and reliable fiber optic transceivers.

Maximize your revenue and margins while gearing up your customers through the KINSOM Distributor Program. From here to unify your sourcing of fiber optic communication products and solutions, partnering with KINSOM gets you outstanding advantages and much more of your expectation.

BENEFITS of KINSOM partnership

Become a KINSOM Distributor, you’ll not only be able to expand your business, close more sales, and increase your earning potential, but you’ll also be able to:

  • More customers come to you through the marketing of KINSOM.
  • Get notified before our new fiber optic products come to market.
  • Build custom configurations.
  • Technical / Pricing Discounts / Delivery Time supporting.
  • Access to more marketing materials by us.
  • Receive specialized training on KINSOM products and technology.
  • Receive the latest market research report, business development plan.

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