155M BIDI SFP Module

155M SFP Module

KINSOM manufacture and provides a full series of Telecom quality, high performance 155M Fest Ethernet SFP transceivers, the cost effective 155M Small Form Factor Pluggable Modules that are 100% compatible with all major system brands.

These SFP Module transceivers are compatible with SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and SFF-8472. The modules have been used by Telecom SPs, MSOs, Utility Telecom, and enterprise/campus networks for multiple years with extremely low return and supper reputation. The series supports extended temperature (industrial temperature / hardened).

  • Up to 120KM
  • Compliant with SFP MSA
  • 100% Compatible with Cisco, Calix, Ciena, Huawei, Adtran, Finisar etc
  • Samples for testing is avaliable

Order Info

155M SFP Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KS8503L-2155MMMF850nnm200M0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KS3103L-2155MSMF1310nm2KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KS3103L-20155MSMF1310nm20KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KS3103L-40155MSMF1310nm40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KS5503L-80155MSMF1550nm80KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KS5503L-120155MSMF1550nm120KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF

BIDI 155M SFP Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KSB3503L-10155MSMFTx1310nm/Rx1550nm10KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB5303L-10155MSMFTx1550nm/Rx1310nm10KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB3503L-20155MSMFTx1310nm/Rx1550nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB5303L-20155MSMFTx1550nm/Rx1310nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB3403L-20155MSMFTx1310nm/Rx1490nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB4303L-20155MSMFTx1490nm/Rx1310nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB3503L-40155MSMFTx1310nm/Rx1550nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB5303L-40155MSMFTx1550nm/Rx1310nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB3403L-40155MSMFTx1310nm/Rx1490nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB4303L-40155MSMFTx1490nm/Rx1310nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB4503L-80155MSMFTx1490nm/Rx1550nm80KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB5403L-80155MSMFTx1550nm/Rx1490nm80KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB4503L-120155MSMFTx1490nm/Rx1550nm120KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSB5403L-120155MSMFTx1550nm/Rx1490nm120KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF

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