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10G SFP+ Module

KINSOM manufacture and offers a full range of Telecom quality, high performance SFP+ transceivers – the cost effective 10G Small Form Factor Pluggable Modules for optical data communications according to SFP+ Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA), which supports both duplex and simplex LC optics interfaces. The transceiver consists of 10Gbit/s DFB/ EML optical transmitter and PIN receiver, which allow 220m~120Km 10G Ethernet and 10G fiber channel applications. They support extended temperature (industrial temperature, hardened), and are compliant with RoHS.

These SFP+ modules have been used for various fiber optic networks such as backbone network, wireless network, and enterprise/campus networks for multiple years with extremely low return rate and super reputation.

  • Support 9.9 Gbps to 10.5 Gbps
  • IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet and fiber Channel compliant
  • International Class 1 laser safety certified
  • Low power consumption
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Maximum Link Length up to 120km
  • 100% Compatible with Cisco, Calix, Ciena, Huawei, Adtran, Finisar etc
  • Samples for testing is avaliable

Order Info

10G SFP+ Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KSP8592L-0310GMMF850nnm300M0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP3192L-0210GSMF1310nnm220M0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP3192L-1010GSMF1310nm10KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP3192L-2010GSMF1310nm20KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP5592L-4010GSMF1550nm40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP5592L-8010GSMF1550nm80KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSP5592L-12010GSMF1550nm120KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF

BIDI 10G SFP+ Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KSPB2392L-1010GSMFTx1270nm/Rx1330nm10KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB3292L-1010GSMFTx1330nm/Rx1270nm10KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB2392L-2010GSMFTx1270nm/Rx1330nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB3292L-2010GSMFTx1330nm/Rx1270nm20KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB2392L-4010GSMFTx1270nm/Rx1330nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB3292L-4010GSMFTx1330nm/Rx1270nm40KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB2392L-6010GSMFTx1270nm/Rx1330nm60KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB3292L-6010GSMFTx1330nm/Rx1270nm60KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB4592L-8010GSMFTx1490nm/Rx1550nm80KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPB5492L-8010GSMFTx1550nm/Rx1490nm80KM0~70LC SimplexGet A QuotePDF

CWDM 10G SFP+ Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KSPCxx92L-2010GSMF1270nm~1330nnm20KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPCxx92L-2010GSMF1350nm~1450nnm20KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPCxx92L-4010GSMF1270nm~1410nnm40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPCxx92L-4010GSMF1470nm~1590nnm40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPC6192L-4010GSMF1610nm40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPCxx92L-8010GSMF1470nm~1610nnm80KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF

DWDM 10G SFP+ Module

KINSOM PNData RateFiber TypeWavelengthDistanceTemp.ConnectorPriceDatasheet
KSPDxx92L-2010GSMFDWDM20KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPDxx92L-4010GSMFDWDM40KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPDxx92L-8010GSMFDWDM80KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF
KSPDxx92L-12010GSMFDWDM120KM0~70LC DuplexGet A QuotePDF

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