100G DAC Cable 100G to 25G Splitter Cable

100G DAC Cable

KINSOM 100G DAC portfolio makes 100Gb/s network deployments as easy as 10Gb/s. DACs are widely used in data centers to connect servers to the Top Of the Rack (TOR) switch because they are passive, consume zero power and have the lowest latency. DAC cables are the lowest cost way to create 100G links.

KINSOM offers a wide range of 100G Twinax cables to support reaches from 0.5m to 7m for every application need.  And there have 2 different types to meet different requirements, one is 100G QSFP28 to 100G QSFP28, the other type we call it splitter DAC cable (one end is 100G QSFP28, the other end is 4*25G SFP28).

  • Lowest cost
  • Support 100G to 100G and 100G to 4x25G
  • Cable length can be customized in 1-10M
  • RoHS, SFF-8402 SFP28, SFF-8665 QSFP28 compliant
  • Hot pluggable
  • 100% Compatible with Cisco, Calix, Ciena, Huawei, Adtran, Finisar etc
  • Samples for testing is avaliable

Order Info

100G QSFP28 - 100G QSFP28

KINSOM PNData RateEnd 1End 2LengthTemp.DimentionPriceDatasheet
DAC-100G-100G-1M100G100G QSFP28100G QSFP281M0~7030AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-100G-2M100G100G QSFP28100G QSFP282M0~7030AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-100G-3M100G100G QSFP28100G QSFP283M0~7028AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-100G-4M100G100G QSFP28100G QSFP284M0~7028AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-100G-5M100G100G QSFP28100G QSFP285M0~7026AWGGet A QuotePDF

100G QSFP28 - 4*25G SFP28

KINSOM PNData RateEnd 1End 2LengthTemp.DimentionPriceDatasheet
DAC-100G-25G-1M100G100G QSFP284×25G SFP281M0~7030AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-25G-2M100G100G QSFP284×25G SFP282M0~7030AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-25G-3M100G100G QSFP284×25G SFP283M0~7028AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-25G-4M100G100G QSFP284×25G SFP284M0~7028AWGGet A QuotePDF
DAC-100G-25G-5M100G100G QSFP284×25G SFP285M0~7026AWGGet A QuotePDF

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